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Botany Biology Models 
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Plant Cell (Enlarged)
Product Code :EDUBOTLAB01
Plant Cell (Enlarged) - This model, enlarged 20,000 times, shows the significant structures of a plant cell, including the cell wall, nucleus, vacuol...
Germination of Seed
Product Code :EDUBOTLAB02
Germination of Seed - Combines three different types of plants on one model. Compare monocot, dicot, and gymnosperm germination with this one high-q...
Product Code :EDUBOTLAB03
Chlymodonus - A complete set showing internal structure. Zoospore formation and stage in sexual reproduction.
Dicot Leaf T.S.
Product Code :EDUBOTLAB04
Dicot Leaf T.S. Showing details of typical mesophytic leaf....
3 Part, Hermaphrodite Dicot Flower Model
Product Code :EDUBOTLAB05
3 Part, Hermaphrodite Dicot Flower Model - This three-piece model, enlarged to 14x life size, describes with great accuracy and detail the anatomy o...
Corn Seed Section
Product Code :EDUBOTLAB06
Corn Seed Section - This model is 40X life size; it shows the corn seed in longitudinal section with excellent details of the seed coat and endosperm....
4 Part Hydra Model
Product Code :EDUBOTLAB07
4 Part Hydra Model - This 4-part model shows longitudinal and cross sectional views of the hydra, highlighting significant anatomical features, inclu...
Monocot Stem Section (Zea Mays)
Product Code :EDUBOTLAB08
Monocot Stem Section (Zea Mays) - This model, enlarged 400X life size, shows a cross and longitudinal section through a monocot stem.
Monocot Root Model
Product Code :EDUBOTLAB09
Monocot Root Model - The 200X life-size model shows the structure of a typical monocot root in a cross and longitudinal section.
Dicot Root Section
Product Code :EDUBOTLAB10
Dicot Root Section - This 3-part model, enlarged 400X life size, shows the structure of a dicot root in a cross and longitudinal section. All signifi...
Dicot Leaf Model
Product Code :EDUBOTLAB11
Dicot Leaf Model - The structure of a dicot leaf is well rpresented in this 600X life-size model...
Monocot Leaf Section (Zea Mays) Model
Product Code :EDUBOTLAB12
Monocot Leaf Section (Zea Mays) Model - This model, enlarged 300X life size, shows the cross and longitudinal section of a monocot leaf.
Chloroplast Model
Product Code :EDUBOTLAB13
Chloroplast Model - This model to study organules of the plant cell. The chloroplast, greatly enlarged, is cross and longitudinally sectioned.
Dicot Arboreus Stem Section (Tilia)
Product Code :EDUBOTLAB14
Dicot Arboreus Stem Section (Tilia) - This model, enlarged 300X life size, shows the structure of a dicot wooden stem.
Dicot Herbaceous Stem Section (Heliantus Annuus)
Product Code :EDUBOTLAB15
Dicot Herbaceous Stem Section (Heliantus Annuus) - This model, enlarged 300X life size, illustrates a dicot vascular structure.
Gymnosperm Stem (Pinus Silvestris)
Product Code :EDUBOTLAB16
Gymnosperm Stem (Pinus Silvestris)  -This 350X life size model shows in great detail the section of a Pinus silvestris 3-year-old stem.
Dicot Plant Stem
Product Code :EDUBOTLAB17
Dicot Plant Stem - Cross section of the tissue structure of a garden bean’s dicot stem (phaseolus vulgaris),...
Dicot Stem Anatomy T.S. & L.S.
Product Code :EDUBOTLAB18
Dicot Stem Anatomy T.S. & L.S. - This model shows the transverse and longitudinal section of a dicotyledonous stem in which case the cambium ring...
Dicot Stem T.S.
Product Code :EDUBOTLAB19
Dicot Stem T.S. - Showing various tissues, vascular bundles in transverse section of a dicot stem of sunflower on board....
Dicot Root T.S.
Product Code :EDUBOTLAB20
Dicot Root T.S.  -Showing complete internal anatomy of the young dicotyledonus root....
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