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Educational  Laboratory Burette Stand & Clamps - Buret Clamp, Retort Stands Exporters


Burette stand with rod - A burette stand with heavy marble base and nickel steel support rod.

* Base size: 300 x 150mm
* Rod size: 700 x 10mm


Burette clamp - A burette clamp with rounded steel jaws, for use with retort stands.

Jaws can clamp cylindrical objects from 9.5 to 35mm diameter, Jaws can be rotated through 360° and locked in any position, Clamp will attach to rods up to 15mm diameter, Overall length 150mm.


Retort stand

Retort base 200 x 125mm
Retort rod/stand 10 x 600mm
Retort clamp 260 x 85mm
Retort clamp has rubber jaws and 3 prongs
Bosshead diameter 16mm


Retort Stand Clamp - A universal clamp for use with retort stands,Three cork-lined jaws, Aluminium jaws, steel clamp rod

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