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High-quality scientific laboratory microscopes at  for educational and industrial supply and use along with the best quality optics and intelligent design, with easy operation and adjustments. Educational-Mart is one the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of a  various microscopes. We produce and export scientific microscopes and its accessories for Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Educational Laboratory Microscopes: We are Dissecting Microscope Exporters, Student Microscope Exporters, Medical Microscope Exporters, Binocular Microscope Exporters, Trinocular Research Microscope Exporters, Metallurgical Microscope Exporters, Stereo Microscope Exporters, Stereoscopic Binocular Microscope Exporters and others.

Laboratory Microscopes Exporters

Student Microscope
Dissecting Microscope
Binocular Microscope
Overhead Projectors
Student Telescopes


Other Microscopes :

  Student Stereo Microscope
  Student Field Microscope
  Junior Medical Microscope
  Advanced Medical Microscope
  Stereo Dissecting Microscope
  Binocular Stereoscope
  Projection Microscope
  Travelling Microscope
  Six Position Travelling Microscope
  Monocular Research Inclined Microscope
  Binocular Research Microscope
  Brinell Microscope
  Pocket Microscope
  Baby Microscope
  Camera Lucide Prism Type
  Camera Lucida Mirror Type
  Double Demonstration Eye Piece
  Metallurgical Microscopes
  Microtome Spencer Type
  Hand and table Microtome - Microtome Erma Type
  Zoom Operating Microscopes

  Microscopes Accessories

Substage Lamp Attachment for Microscope
Microscope Glass Slides - Plain : Size - 75mm x 25mm, 1.3mm
Microscope Glass Slides - Frosted : Size - 75mmx 25mm, 1.2 mm
Cover Slips Glass - Square : Size - 18mm x 18mm, 22mm x 22mm
Slide Box : Teakwood box for microscope glass slides. 25 Slides, 50 Slides, 100 Slides
Slide Box - Plastic box for glass slides. Size: 76mmx26mm. 25 Slides, 50 Slides, 100 Slides.



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