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Educational Training Kits Exporters: School, College, Laboratory Model & Training Kits. Technical Education Training Kits Exporters

Antenna Trainers, GPS Trainer, Radar Trainer, RFID Trainer, Instrumentation Trainers, Communication Trainers, LAN Trainer, VLSI Trainers, Microprocessor, Microcontroller & Interfaces Trainers, Consumer Electronics Demonstration Trainers, Test and Measuring Instruments, Microwave Test Benches, Educational Wall Charts, Robotics Kits, Decade Boxes (R,L,C), Analog Electronics Lab, Digital Electronics Lab, Power Electronics Lab, Breadboards, Power Project Board, Circuit Lab Trainers, Physics Systems Training, Fibre Optics Trainers.

Satellite Communication Trainer
Data Communication Trainer
Telephone Trainer Kit
Global Positioning Training System
Radar Trainer

Digital Training Kits Exporters:- All training kits are having printed panels. The circuit of experiment is printed on the panel with printed component symbols and their pin configurations for fast understanding of the experiments. Detailed Manual will be provided.

Microprocessor 8085 Training kit
Digital Trainer Kit
Operational Amplifier (IC741) Trainer Kit
Integrated Circuit (IC555) Trainer Kit
Integrated Circuit 723 Regulator Trainer Kit
Digital Logic Trainers (various Logic Gates)
Diode Transistor Logic (DTL) Gate Trainer
Characteristics of D Type Flip Flop
Characteristics of J-K Flip Flop
Astable Multivibrator
Bi-stable Multivibrator
Mono-Stable Multivibrator
Analog to Digital Convertor (ADC)
Digital to Analog Convertor (DAC)
Characteristics of R-S Flip Flop
Characteristics of J-K Master-Slave Flip Flop
Decimal to BCD Encoder
BCD to Decimal Decoder
BCD to Seven Segment Decoder
4-Bit Ripple Counter
4-Bit Reverse Counter
Study of Two Binary Counter
Ring and Johnson Counter

List of Educational Training Kits :

Semiconductor Trainer
Semi conductor Trainer Experimental Modules
Electronics Demonstration Unit-Semiconductors
Transistor Checker and Curve Tracer
Electronics Demonstration Unit-Electronic circuit
Analog Lab Unit
Basic Electricity and electronics Trainer
Power Electronics Trainer
Refrigeration Trainer
Airconditioning Trainer
Refrigeration Air Conditioning Trainer
Mobile Air conditioning Trainer
OP-AMP Circuit Trainer
OP-AMP Demonstration Trainer
Pneumatic Trainer
Pneumatic Cut-Away Model Set
Hydraulic Trainer
Single Work Bench
Basic components
Servo Hydraulic Trainer
AM Transceiver Trainer
FM Transceiver Trainer
Communication Trainer
Telecommunication Trainer
AM/FM RF Signal Generator
20MHZ Oscilloscope
100 MHZ Oscilloscope
Digital LCR Meter
Digital Multimeter
Decade Resistance Box
Decade Inductance Box
Decade Capacitance
Power Factor Meter
Thermistor/PRT (digital Thermometer) / Thermistor Characterisitc App.
DC(Shunt, Series) Motor/DC Generator
Repulsion Motor/DC Generator
Micro-Processor Control Trainer
Motor Generator Trainer
Earth Resistance Trainer complete with three metal spikes, connecting leads, with tool kit.
Logic Lab Unit
Logic Circuit Lab
Logic trainer
Logic/Digital Circuit Trainer
Logic/Digital Demonstration Trainer
A/D converter Trainer
D/A converter Trainer
Electrical Machine Trainer
Microwave Trainer
Microwave Electronics Trainer
TV Trainer (PAL+NTSC Multi-System)
Color Pattern Generator

Analog Training Kits Exporters:-

Following electronic kits are an ideal introduction to the world of electronics, which is very useful for basic study of Electronics and Physics. Students can perform number of exciting projects dealing with the understanding of linear circuits.

Laboratory Trainer Kit
Electronic Circuit Trainer Kit
Series and Parallel Resonant LCR Circuits
Power Supply Trainer (ac/dc)
Solderless Bread Board
Solderless Bread Board with Power Supply
Resistance Coils
Set of Coils
Demountable Transformer, Type-1
Demountable Transformer, Type-2
Solar Cell with LED
Solar Cell with Solar Fan (ac/dc)
Solar Energy Kit, Type-1
Solar Energy Kit, Type-1
Electronic Stimulator
Solar light
Voiltage Smoothing Unit
Electric Vibrator
Colpitt's Oscillator
Crystal Controlled Oscillator
Crystal Controlled Oscillator using PLL
Hartley Oscillator
Wein-Bridge Oscillator
Phase-Shift Oscillator
Relaxation Oscillator using UJT
Amplitude Modulator
Frequency Modulator


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