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Profile: Educational Equipments Manufacturers

Educational-Mart, is a multi faceted organization that offers an extensive range of educational equipment and related services with special emphasis on research and educational science labs in the Middle East & Africa.

Educational-Mart, has contributed significantly to meet the vast requirements by providing a complete range of equipments, parts, accessories & services according to the International Standard and Regulations. complex and related projects since it began its operationmajor Industrial, Commercial, Educational establishments and Govenermental Undertakings complex and related projects since it began its operation.

Educational-Mart, undertakes a number of turnkey projects like manufacturing, erection and commissioning of entire Laboratories in for Hospitals, Research Laboratories, Commercial Industries, Schools, Universities and Govenermental Undertakings all over the Middle East.

Educational-Mart, has has reached great heights of accomplishments through its stringent quality policies and practices and innovative business concepts, have completed complex and large projects since it began its operation with a team of Qualified Engineers, Technicians and Marketing Professionals.

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